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Muscle and Joint Injections


Tulsa Chiropractic Rehab is proud to offer safe, effective, and affordable alternative medicine options for joint and muscle pain. Traditional medical approaches include steroid, NSAID, and Nerve block agents. These options typically become less effective over time, their effects are temporary, and they carry a significant risk of adverse effects. Long term use of steroid injections has been associated with more advanced deterioration of joints as compared to control groups. Long term use of NSAIDs can have deleterious effects on the GI tract, kidneys, and liver.


  • Traumeel:  a homeopathic preparation composed of natural botanical and mineral extracts. This remedy is intended in cases of acute damage. The medicine works to reduce inflammation and stimulate healing. Can be given into muscle or joint or even IV.
  • Zeel: another homeopathic preparation composed of natural botanical and mineral extracts. This remedy is intended to treat more chronic conditions. This medicine works to reduce inflammation and prevent and reverse degenerative damage.
  • Vitamin B12:  the familiar vitamin involved in metabolism can be effective in trigger point injections. Not only does the physical action of the needle help to release these trigger points, but because of vitamin B12's role in muscle metabolism it can help to normalize the tissue function in these trigger points.


Myofascial trigger points are localized areas of muscle dysfunction. They typically develop after acute injury or chronic overload. These areas are commonly called "knots" and can be palpated as local tender points that when compressed will radiate pain to other areas. It is common to dry needle these areas (such as in acupuncture), but injecting nutrients and/or medications into the area can be more effective in stimulating healing and normalizing local muscle function. We tend to use either a simple B12 injection or Traumeel precisely into the center of the trigger point.


Joint tissue damage can render you with limited range of motion and quite a bit of pain. Traumeel and Zeel injections are a great option. Not only are they safe and effective, but they are cost efficient and have an accumulative effect. In other words, unlike traditional medicines that tend to diminish in effect with repeated use, these remedies effects build with each injection. Traumeel is used for more acute damage such as that occurs in personal injury and sports injury. Zeel is more effective for cases of chronic joint degeneration such as arthritis and bursitis (very popular for shoulder problems).

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  • "This is hands down the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Dr. Fields is a very caring and thoughtful chiropractor. They are very professional and go above and beyond on every single visit."
    Arturo Longoria
  • "Dr. Fields is the best chiropractor I have seen! Professional, Knowledgeable, and Clean! His exams and adjustments are thorough and precise. They really care for your health and wellness as a whole!"
    Derek Morrow
  • "I passionately *HATE* (I can't emphasize that enough) being touched or having anyone in my bubble, yet I'm giving 5 stars to Dr. Fields and the team at TCR. That should tell you all you need to know. Go see them."
    Julie Harris
  • "Very professional practice. Great experience!"
    Cyndi Giffin
  • "Very thorough and staff is polite."
    Brenda Sassin
  • "Great chiro and massage therapist! Highly recommend this Tulsa Chiropractor! He helped my back and shoulder tremendously!"
    Landon Cardwell
  • "Dr. Fields is very specific in treating each person as individuals. His main goal is to make you well"
    Phyllis Aussieker
  • "These people really give you their undivided attention and focus on getting YOUR problem resolved. They don't use a "cookie cutter" approach."
    Nane Tolson
  • "Dr Fields and company are amazing! I was having terrible back and neck pain and Dr Fields came to me highly recommended to me by a close friend. He carefully explained to me what was happening and how he could help. After just a few sessions I so much better!! He is the BEST!!"
    Sarah Murray
  • "Dr Fields is exceptional. He works very hard to rehab physical issues, listens to your comments, and takes more time working with patients vs others I have worked with. No doubt the best I have visited."
    Denny Dean

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